Certified Gemologist

Owner, Ron Boyd, is recognized as a Certified Gemologist Appraiser or CGA, which is the highest title bestowed upon a jeweler. When you see a "CGA" title after a jeweler's name, it means they are an American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraiser. This title is the most highly regarded among peers in the jewelry industry. It certifies that this person can identify diamonds, gemstones and jewelry, and determine their value. In order to earn this title, the associate requires advanced training and experience in determining the value of diamonds and gemstones. To stay on top of their game, CGA members must pass an annual recertification exam, verifying their skill and knowledge of our industry. Ron Boyd has completed special training in Diamond Grading and Evaluation, as well as in Colored Stone Grading, Evaluation, and Identification from the Gemological Institute of America. He brings more than 50 years of experience to the store. 

Whether you need an appraisal for insurance or estate purposes, let Duncan & Boyd Jewelers assist you for all your jewelry needs.  Our minimum fee starts at $500 per hour for appraisals on jewelry not purchased at Duncan and Boyd Jewelers.  All jewelry purchased at Duncan & Boyd Jewelers comes with an appraisal at no charge.  As long as you own the jewelry, the appraisal is always updated also at no cost to you.  We care about our customers and appreciate your business.

Ron Boyd Certified Gemologies Appraiser, AGS