National Rarities Estate Buying Show

National Rarities Buying Show

National Rarities is hosting:

The Greatest Estate Buying Show at our store!
Join us October 23-25 and sell them your valuables. They buy:

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Scrap Gold & Silver
  • Watches
  • Toys & Advertising
  • Fine Art
  • Coins & Currency 
  • Diamonds
  • Rarities 
  • Sterling Silver 
Your Checklist
Fine Jewelry
  • All fine jewelry
  • Tiffany, Cartier, D.Yurman
  • Any age & any style
  • Broken or damaged jewelry
Scrap Gold & Silver
  • All scrap gold, silver, or platinum 
  • Dental gold
  • Old mountings
  • Fraternal pins
  • All wrist watches & pocket watches
  • Rolex, Patek, Breitling, Cartier
  • Elgin, Hamilton, Waltham, Illinois
  • Any Condition
Toys & Advertising
  • Pre-1970 advertising
  • Tin, porcelain, & lithographs ads
  • Pre- 1970 toys
Fine Art
  • Oil & watercolor paintngs
  • Any type of sculpture
  • Any subject or style
  • Any condition
Coins & Currency
  • All gold & silver coins
  • Bullion & bars
  • Old paper money
  • Coin collections
  • All diamonds
  • Loose or mounted
  • Damaged stones
  • All sizes, colors, and styles
  • Old photos (tintypes, etc)
  • War memorabilia
  • Uniforms, badges, daggers, etc. 
  • Autographs 
Sterling Silver
  • All sterling silver
  • Any type and all makers
  • No need to polish
  • We can help carry

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About National Rarities

National Rarities was established in 2010 by Dennis McCaffrey and Louis Clough. Dennis grew up accompanying his father to estate sales and auctions. While Louis's interest in the estate buying business was sparked by a summer abroad in China and Mongolia.

Dennis says, "I feel so fortunate to be able to work in such a fascinating field.  I love rediscovering history every day.  One of my favorite finds was a pocket watch from the Revolutionary War.  It even had markings from each battle in which the owner had fought." 

Louis says, "In this business, you never know what will come through the door. Each item has a unique history and a story to tell.  That is what keeps this job so exciting.  I enjoy meeting new people and helping them learn more about their valued possessions."

They have been providing customers with professional estate buying services they can trust. Dennis, Louis, and their team of professionals enjoy and appreciate the rich history behind every estate piece. National Rarities holds events, like at Duncan & Boyd Jewelers, across the nation for those looking for a professional evaluation of their valuables in a convenient setting. National Rarities serves customers with integrity and honesty. 

Once you have reviewed the checklist, look through your possessions and determine which valuables you no longer want or use. Next let National Rarities take a look at your items. They will give you information about your items and help you consider all of your options. If you decided to sell, they will pay you on the spot. 


“I just wanted to say thank you for helping me learn more about my grandmother's jewelry and sterling silver tea set.  I had been to another estate buyer and his offer was considerably less than yours.  I felt very comfortable during your appraisal and I am thrilled to have the cash to help toward the purchase of our new home." -Susan Lee / Charlotte, North Carolina

"I enjoyed sharing my coin collection with you.  It's nice to know that someone will appreciate them as much as I do.  Thanks!" -Leonard Hill / Gainesville, Florida 

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