Celebrating 50 Years!

Celebrating 50 years in business

Wow! It's been 50 years since Duncan & Boyd Jewelers started in 1967 in Amarillo, TX by owner Ron Boyd & founder John Duncan. We are grateful for the community we live in that has kept us going for so long. 

Our history began with John's father-in-law starting a jewelry business in 1923. When marrying into his wife's family, John had found his passion for jewelry in 1947 after serving his country in the Air Force. Twenty years down the road, Ron & John created Duncan & Boyd Jewelers. John Duncan was Ron's biggest role model and lifelong friend. They created our store on tradition, quality, and customer service. Ron considered John his mentor.

John Duncan & Ron Boyd

How we treat our customers

Before Ron was a jeweler, he started out working in college at Phillips Petroleum selling tires and batteries for cars. He learned first-hand that you must be yourself and be honest with customers. Ron still applies these lessons today into every aspect of Duncan & Boyd. Ron's first job after college was teaching and coaching. After discovering that teaching was not what he wanted to do, Ron started to sell jewelry for John Duncan, and Duncan & Boyd Jewelers was born. John sold his interest to his partner, Ron, in 1985. Ron has continued the fine tradition of Duncan & Boyd Jewelers to this day.

Ron says that the one of the things that have stayed the same in the last 50 years for our store is the quality of our merchandise. “You can sell just about anything and make people believe that it is special, but if it doesn't have quality, there is no value long term. People come to us for quality." Ron's favorite thing about the jewelry business would be the service. “We always put the customer first, and treat them how we would want to be treated." Looking to the future, we at Duncan & Boyd want to uphold our standards for the 3 things that our jewelry store was founded on, tradition, quality, and customer service.

Ron and the staff want to thank our customers. Our customers have made us what we are today. We have the best and most loyal customers anyone could ask for. Without them we wouldn't have been able to grow into the top 1% of our industry. We would not be here if it were not for them. 

Duncan & Boyd Staff