What Makes Him Tick?

A watchmaker by definition is a person who makes or repairs watches or clocks.

John Lemaster Watchmaker

At Duncan & Boyd Jewelers, we have a watchmaker on site, who can fix your watch without sending it off to the manufacturer. John Lemaster has been in the jewelry business his whole life and like his last name sounds, he is a master of watches! John went to Kilgore Junior College and gained an Associates in Horology, which is the study of timepieces and measuring time. John said that the reason they are called watchmakers in school is because they have to make their own watch parts and even the tools from scratch! 

Watch workbench

John's passion started as a young boy, watching his father create jewelry. The detail work is what John fell in love with, but chose to work with watches because they are more mechanical. In order to be a watchmaker, you have to have a detailed orientated personality. John's workspace is clean and meticulous, with each tool having a proper place. John deals with tiny little parts and it is truly amazing how he is able to take watches apart, fix the problem, and then put them back together.

John Lemaster

Some of the best qualities that John has, and is essential for watchmakers, is determination, problem solving, and being organized. His favorite service that he provides is a full overhaul of a watch because he wants to "do it right or not at all". He doesn't like to cut corners. He views each watch as a puzzle that has to be finished. When he does get frustrated or stumped, John likes to work on another watch or go for a walk to clear his mind.


John's favorite watch to work on is a Rolex. They are a classic and he appreciates how they are made. John has been certified from Rolex and enjoys working on them. One of the most complex watches John works on are chronographs because of the different systems that goes into each time keeping mechanism. However, he enjoys the challenge. Normally when working on a chronograph, it takes John at least 5 working days. 

John Lemaster Watchmaker

One thing John wanted to say to customers is to "keep watches away from magnets". Magnets are something that we do not think about interfering with the way our watches work. If you watch is losing time, and you have recently had a battery changed, a magnet might be the culprit. John also recommends changing your battery in your watch every 18 months, even if your watch is not losing time. Battery acid exploding into the interior of your watch could cause more damage than you would want.

Watch inside

John's favorite watch to wear is his Brightling watch. He wears a chronograph Brightling most of the time and he loves the complexity of the watch. His wife, Suzy, also favors her Brightling watch. When it comes to the watches we sell in the store, Baume & Mercier are his favorites because they are good products, well made, and trouble free if you have regular maintenance on it. He does also love the Michele watches for ladies because they are a wonderful product, and they rarely breakdown. 

 John Lemaster Watchmaker

Some of the services John can provided are full overhauls, batteries, fixing broken stems, fixing broken crystals, repairing watch hands falling off, and even repair a watch if moisture has gotten into it! If John can not fix your watch, he is the person to point you in the right direction. At Duncan & Boyd, we also offer gently used watches such as Rolex, TAG, and antique watches. All of these watches are serviced and inspected by John personally, making sure that the lucky recipient of the watch is getting a like new timepiece! Another bonus is that John is able to find any watch you are wanting even if we do not carry the brand in the store. 

John Lemaster Watchmaker

If you are ever needing anything to do with a watch, John Lemaster is your go to guy! His work is more than a job, it is truly his passion and it is what makes John tick.