Traveling with Jewelry

Vacation season is right around the corner with the summer months quickly approaching. Whether you are planning a vacation to an exotic beach or you are traveling to see family, follow these tips on how to travel with jewelry! 

What to pack and what to leave behind.

  • Accessorizing your outfits for a trip you have planned can be fun! If you are going to worry about losing the jewelry you are to bring, our biggest suggestion is to leave it behind. Vacations are all about relaxing, and having a good time, so why worry? It is best to leave your jewelry of great monetary or sentimental value at home, unless it plays a role in the outfits you have planned on your special trip. 
  • All though traveling doesn't mean leave all your jewelry at home. Accessorizing for a vacation is a great excuse to get basic pieces for your jewelry wardrobe. We recommend tiny hoops earrings (huggies), stud earrings, a small pendant, and a small link bracelet. These pieces go well with any outfit or attire. Not to mention you can always pack whimsical charms for your huggies to dress up any outfit. 
Jewelry Travel Guide
  • What about your gorgeous wedding and engagement rings? Depending on where you are going and what you are doing on your vacation, we find it best to leave these rings behind. We suggest wearing a less expensive but meaningful travel band. Here are some suggestions: beaded band, an eternity band, hourglass band, symphony band, or lisse band. However, you might want the big look that your wedding set gives you, but do not want to risk losing your priceless ring. Consider a look-a-like stone to the diamond. Colorless or “white” gems, like white topaz, could substitute the part of your pricier and precious diamond wedding set. If you can't bare to part with your ring when you do travel, don't forget to make sure you have insurance on them. 

How to pack your jewelry.

  • Travel cases. Now these do not have to be super expensive but investing in a case that is made especially for jewelry maybe worth your while. Look for compartments for different types of jewelry. The main goal of these is to make sure  they keep your precious jewels from rubbing against each other causing scratching, damage and getting tangled. Here are some ones we have found: Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, or find them on Amazon
  • Straws. To keep necklace chains from getting tangled (and save you from a headache while in paradise) string one end of the chain through the straw. Clasp the ends together and voila tangle free! 
  • Daily pill box. These are the perfect size to keep individual rings, earrings, and bracelets. Simple put one item in each box and you have a tangle free, organized travel kit! 
  • Little plastic bags. These are great to keep your jewelry from rubbing. Put one jewelry item in each baggie to keep them nice and neat while traveling. 
  • We also recommend not using cotton pad or balls when packing your jewelry. These can leave fibers under your prongs. 

Final thoughts on traveling with jewelry.

  • Take pictures of your jewelry incase you do end up losing it on your adventures. That way if it is found you can prove that it is your jewelry. 
  • Always carry on your jewelry when traveling via planes. One of the easiest ways for your jewels to get lost is in your checked luggage. 
  • Don't take too much. When traveling, less is more. You can make a big statement by bringing select pieces. 
  • And lastly enjoy your vacation, and relax!