The Man Behind the Bench

At Duncan & Boyd Jewelers, we are not just your average jewelry store. We offer many services for our customers. One of our unique and rare services is that we have an experienced bench jeweler in our store. What is a bench jeweler you may wondering? A bench jeweler is a craftsman who uses a combination of skills to make and repair jewelry. The best part about having a bench jeweler in our store is that your precious jewelry rarely leaves Duncan and Boyd. Instead of sending broken jewelry back to the manufacture for a minor repair that may take months to get back, we are able to fix the problem, and return your beloved jewelry back to you in no time. If you are to inquire on the status of your repair, we can check with our bench jeweler with ease. We will inform you of the progress made, to reassure, and to give a peace of mind. 

Dave Blakley

Dave Blakley, our bench jeweler, is a certified master jeweler that started his career in the jewelry business in 1981. He has a Bachelors in Business Administration from West Texas A&M University and went on to graduate from Paris Junior College with degrees in Jewelry Technology, Gemology, and an Associates in Applied Science in Jewelry Technology. Dave is originally from Sadler, Texas, which has a population of 348 people, but came to Amarillo for his college education. After he graduated West Texas University, Dave decided to switch gears and start his journey in the jewelry industry because of the economy. Dave has always loved working with his hands, admiring diamonds, and beautiful pieces of jewelry.  Another driving force that pushed him into falling in love with being a jeweler is being able to refurbish jewelry. He enjoys and takes delight in bringing back to life "well loved" pieces of jewelry. You could say this career was a match made in heaven for Dave.

Dave Blakley Bench Jeweler

casting jewelry

He creates, repairs, and refurbishes all types of jewelry. Some of skills the Dave has mastered in his 36 years of experience are: stone setting, resizing, re-tipping prongs, casting, wax carving, engraving, forging, polishing, electroplating, soldering, and many more. One of the best qualities Dave has is his attention to detail and making sure the jewelry that leaves our store is in the best condition possible. Dave's favorite piece of jewelry to work on is setting large fancy diamonds into specialty mountings. The reason he enjoys working on these pieces is because it reminds him what brought him into the industry. The beauty of jewelry is truly an art and every piece tells a story. Dave is proud to be a part of each individual's story and to help keep their jewelry for generations to come. 

Dave Blakley Jeweler Duncan and Boyd

Bench Jeweler Dave Blakley

With Dave's experience over the years, he has learned what can and can't be done, and how important it is to do quality work. He says, "quality work does take time and patience, but I always want to get my work done right the first time so that it will last for the customer." Dave's most challenging piece of jewelry he has ever created was a broach for a customer. This broach was a pave diamond leaf that was hand soldered with all individual set diamonds. Dave takes pride in his work and appreciates creating joy for someone. He loves seeing the jewelry come to life from the process of a picture. He says that to start with an idea on paper, then to actually see it formed, and casted into a piece of art, is spectacular. Dave is thrilled when customers first sees their creation or beloved heirloom that he has created, repaired or restored for them. 

Dave Blakley Jewelry

In Dave's free time away from the bench, he serves our Amarillo community. Dave is an ordained clergy serving as deacon at St. Andrews Episcopal Church under the diocese of North West Texas. Serving others has always be a part of Dave's life. If you ever need jewelry repaired, refurbished, or created, Dave Blakley at Duncan & Boyd Jewelers is here for you.