How to clean your jewelry at home

At Duncan & Boyd Jewelers our fine jewelry is crafted to last a lifetime, however with normal wear, proper cleaning is needed to keep your jewelry in tip top shape.

We understand coming to the store every week to have your jewelry professionally cleaned is not ideal (but would be nice!). How are you suppose to keep your gems clean and shiny? Here is our jewelry home cleaning guide to give you the scoop on how to keep your jewelry clean in-between professional cleanings.

1) Tools to use: We recommend using a soft toothbrush to prevent scratches on of your jewelry, and it will help dislodge any dirt. Always use a soft cloth when drying or cleaning any jewelry. A soft cloth won't leave fuzz or threads behind and won't scratch your jewels. 

2) Silver Jewelry: Silver jewelry's worst enemy is tarnish. To help keep tarnish at bay, we recommend using the Connoisseurs silver polishing cloths. These are quick and easy cloths that are safe to use on your silver jewelry. The material used in these cloths are not rough like paper towels or tissues, which can cause scratches or leave fibers under prongs. The special formula in the connoisseur cloths removes the tarnish and keeps it from reappearing as quickly. Remove wipe from container and take out your silver jewelry. Lightly rub your jewelry with a wipe to remove the dirt and tarnish. Rinse jewelry with warm water and dry with a lint free cloth. 

Jewelry Connoisseurs Wipes

3) Gold & Platinum Jewelry: Gold and platinum jewelry will pick up dirt and grim from normal wear. We recommend using mild soap and warm water to clean these types of jewelry or Connoisseurs precious jewelry cleaner. For the mild soap and water cleaning process, start by dipping your soft toothbrush into the soapy water mixture and begin gently scrubbing accordingly. Make sure to rinse your jewelry once you are finished to prevent build up. Dry with a soft cloth. The connoisseur precious jewelry cleaner is ideal for most jewelry cleaning. Simply soak your jewelry for 30 seconds in the cleaner. Then uses a soft brush to gently scrub away debris. Rinse with warm water and dry with the lint free cloth. Gemstones that are okay to use in the cleaner are Amethyst, Aqua Marine, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline, and Tsavorite. Also Emeralds are fine to use in the jewelry cleaner, but Emeralds that are treated with oils or fillers do not immerse in the cleaning solution for over 30 seconds. If using connoisseur precious jewelry cleaner, the following delicate stones are not recommended to be using in the solution: Genuine Amber, Coral, Ivory, Jadeite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Onyx, Opal, and Pearls. 

Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner

4) Diamond Jewelry: Diamonds are magnets for oil and dirt. Anything that you put on your skin such as lotion, perfume, and soaps can leave behind a film on the diamond diminishing the brilliance and sparkle. Not to mention diamonds attract the natural oil from your skin. Even a clean looking diamond will shine better after a cleaning. We recommend using the Connoisseurs precious jewelry cleaner for you diamond jewelry. Simply soak your diamond jewelry in the cleaner for 30 seconds. Then using a soft brush to clean and dislodge dirt under the setting and prongs. Rinse with warm water and dry with a lint free cloth. For those moments on the run, we suggest grabbing the Connoisseurs diamond dazzle stick. The diamond dazzle stick fits perfectly in your purse because it's the size of a lipstick. The gel that is used in this product contains micro-fine cleaners and polishing agents specifically tailored to bring back the brilliance in your diamonds. To use simply take off the cap and twist until you see the blue gel. Wet your ring in warm water and brush the gel all over your diamond, including under the setting and prongs. Once you are done, rinse with warm water and dry with a lint free cloth.

Connoisseurs diamond dazzle stick

Connoisseur diamond dazzle sticks jewelry cleaner

5) Pearl Jewelry: Pearls are very precious jewels and should be treated with care. They are made from organic compound, nacre, created from a living creature. Pearls are easily dulled or damaged by chemicals, even alcohol. Apply all cosmetic products, hairsprays, and perfumes before you wear your pearls to enhance the longevity and luster of your pearls. Do not clean pearls with a chemicals, abrasives, or solvents because these will strip the nacre leaving your pearls lifeless. You can clean your pearls with warm water and a mild soap. Pat dry with a soft cloth and lay out your pearls on a flat surface to dry the silk string. Do not wear your pearls while wet, because a wet string will stretch out and is more vulnerable to damage. Restring your pearls every couple of years if worn often.

6) Watches: Watches need the same attention that goes into fine jewelry care. With a fine timepiece, at home care is important to get the most satisfaction out of your watch. We always recommend letting our experienced watchmaker do any repairs or watch batteries. Give your watch a quick check by making sure the watch strap/bracelet is securely attached to the watch head. Inspect the crystal for scratches and cracks. If found replace broken crystals immediately, because even hairline cracks can allow moisture and dirt to jeopardize the watch's accuracy. Oil and dirt from your skin can build up on watches just like jewelry.  If your watch has a metal bracelet, use soft tooth brush and a water/mild soap mixture to gently clean the band avoiding the watch head. Do not immerse the watch in water. Dry the watch with a soft cloth after cleaning. Clean the head of the watch with a slightly damp cloth and then dry. If you have a leather band strap, you should clean only the face of the watch. 

Proper care of your fine jewelry is important to ensure the longevity of your jewels. At Duncan & Boyd Jewelers we recommend coming into our store 4 times a year (or every time the seasons change) for us to professionally clean and inspect your jewelry. For our customers this service is free of charge and no need for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!