• 10 Diamond Shapes to Suit Your Personality

July 27, 2017

Picking out and buying diamond for your partner can be stressful, overwhelming, and most importantly exciting! There are 10 basic diamond shapes to select from: round, princess, pear, emerald, asscher, cushion, radiant, oval, marquise and heart. Continue reading to find out more about each diamond shape and which one fits your fiancée's personality. 

The term diamond cut is sometimes confused with a diamond shape. These two terms are very different for diamond professionals. Diamond shape refers to the face up outline of the diamond such as round, square, rectangle, ect. On the other hand, the diamond cut deals with the facets and proportions. The cut gives the diamond sparkle or known as the diamond's brilliance and fire. Many diamonds can have the same shape, but have a completely different look based on the diamond cut or cutting style. There are many cutting styles. The most popular facet arrangement, the brilliant cut, can be seen in many different shapes. Another popular facet arrangement used is a step cut, which is most recognized in the emerald. 

Round- Classic

Round Diamond The round diamond is undoubtably the most popular and recognizable diamond shape. Even when you think of a diamond, the round shape comes to mind first. According to the Knot, 75% of all diamonds sold are the round shape. The cutting style used in the round diamond is the brilliant cut (also known as the round brilliant cut), and has been around since the 1700's. It includes 58 facets allowing light to bounce from the bottom then back through the top giving the diamond radiance and sparkle. This shape is timeless and versatile, fitting into many mounting styles. The round diamond is often used in a classic solitaire mounting. If you describe your fiancee as someone who loves classic styles that never go out of style, this diamond shape is for you! 

Princess- Bold

Princess DiamondThe princess diamond is known for being a square shape with strong eye catching shape and electrifying sparkle. The princess uses the brilliant cut creating a breathtaking sparkly diamond. Because of the cut of the facets creating brilliance, internal flaw characteristics can be less noticeable. This fairly new attention-grabbing cut was created in 1979 and is second in popularity behind the round brilliant cut for engagement rings. The name of this cut is another appeal that draws in the lovers of a princess diamond, but the uninterrupted brilliance keeps them coming back for more. 

Pear- Unique

Pear DiamondThe pear shape looks like a tear drop, with rounded one end that comes to a point on the other. The mix of the round shape's softness and the marquis shape's grace makes an ideal diamond cut for someone looking for a unique stone. The pear shape can trace its' origin to the 1400's adding rich history. The point of the pear should be worn out towards the fingers adding a slimming effect to the hand. The pear diamond is normally the main focal point of an engagement ring because of it's unbalanced shape. 

Emerald- Elegant

Emerald DiamondThe emerald cut was designed to highlight the qualities of emeralds. This cut uses the step cut with long lean facets that display the center of the stone beautifully. The elegant appearance emphasizes the diamonds clarity more than any other cut. The emerald cut is like a reflecting pool, gleaming differently from the brilliant cut. The highly coveted diamond has a rectangle shape and smooth beveled corners adding appeal and secure setting area for prongs. The crisp cutting style of the emerald cut emits a sense of poise.  The sleek and beautifully understated emerald is perfect for someone who is elegant and sophisticated. 

Asscher- Vintage

Asscher Cut DiamondCreated in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, the asscher cut became popular for the Art Deco style of the 1920's and 1930's. This cut is similar to the emerald cut but with larger and wider set facets. This diamond is square in shape with clipped corners. The asscher diamond embraces the elegance of the emerald style with better balance of brilliance closer to that of a round diamond. The asscher diamond is a vintage lover's dream! 

Cushion- Artistic

Cushion Cut DiamondThe cushion cut is a brilliant cut diamond that is a square shape with rounded corners. This diamond was designed to retain as much weight as possible from the diamond crystal its cut from. The cushion cut diamond is a timeless shape that stems from an early brilliant cut know as the "old mine cut". The old mine cut dates its history back to the 1700's and was the most popular cut until the 19th century. Whether you appreciate the history of the cushion cuts, or you admire a classic look with a twist, the cushion cut is ideal for any art lover. The cushion cut has surpass time like a classic painting, never losing its enchantment and brilliance. 

Radiant- Glamorous

Radiant Diamond The radiant cut combines the fire brilliance of a round with the elegance of the emerald cut making a irresistible and captivating diamond. The radiant cut, created in 1977, is rectangular shape with clipped corners that has the brilliant cut creating an extra glamorous sparkle. Radiant cuts are perfect if you are looking for the sophistication of the emerald while having an alluring appearance.  Just like its name, the radiant cut is truly radiant in beauty. 

Oval- Traditional

Oval DiamondThe oval shape has the longest known history, gaining its first recognition in 1304 from the famous diamond known as Koh-I-Noor that resides in London. The oval cut is elongated in shape with the classic brilliant cut creating fire and tons of sparkle. This diamond shape gained popularity in the 1960's and has now made a comeback in solitaire mountings. Oval diamonds can give the illusion of longer fingers, creating slender-looking fingers that is appealing to many. The touch of elegance and long tradition in history makes this diamond shape splendid for those wanting a classic and simple look. 

Marquise- Graceful

Marquise DiamondThe marquise cut was created by King Louis XV of France in 1745 for his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. King Louis was inspired by her smile and hired a jeweler to create this diamond cut. The marquise diamond is elongated like an oval with an uniquely tapered cut that has rounded sides and points on each end. The sleek rounded sides gives this cut refinement and style. The marquise diamonds are also referred to as "navette" diamonds, which translates to little boat. Much like a boat gliding along the water, the marquise captures a boat's gracefulness perfectly. The marquise cut is superb for someone looking for a touch of grace.  

Heart- Romantic

Heart Cut DiamondThe heart cut is a beautiful symbol of love and romance. A skilled cutter creates the heart shape using the brilliant cut creating a sentimental diamond. The heart shaped diamond is uncommon in diamond engagement rings, but is more popular in pendants. Although the heart diamond is uncommon, the heart shape is impeccable for those who are wanting to wear their heart on their finger for everyone to see. 


Whether you are picking out a diamond for an engagement ring, or any other diamond piece of jewelry, there is one thing to keep in mind. Whichever style you choose, diamonds will always remain a symbol of your eternal love that will last you a lifetime! 

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