Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is right around the corner and this year it falls on Sunday, June 18th. You still have time to find the perfect gift for your dad. If you are like us, you might need some help to jump start your Father's Day shopping. 

Adventurous dad Fathers day gift guide

The adventurous dad needs something that can keep up with his active lifestyle! He is always outdoors and he can't seem to sit still. He is camping, hunting, fishing, or just out being active. Here are the perfect gifts for the wilderness man that will help tackle his lifestyle. 

 Color Burst ArmourLite Watch

This ArmourLite Colorburst Special Edition watch is ideal for the adventurous dad because of the rubber strap, and stainless steel casing. It is the outdoor man's perfect companion that is reliable and sporty. 

I.N.O.X. Paracord Swiss Army Watch

The Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X Paracord watch was created and engineered for to be ready for anything. The adventurous dad will love this watch because of the versatile paracord. The paracord uses handwoven superior strength nylon cord used in parachute suspension lines. When unraveled, the seven intricately woven strands can weave a fishing net, build a shelter or replace a shoelace.

Huntsman Pocket Knife

The Huntsman Pocket Knife is another great gift for the adventurous dad. The name says it all. This knife is made up of 15 different functions for multiple uses. 

Classic dad

The classic dad is a reliable man that enjoys the simple things in life. He is the grill master, lawn whisper, and Mr. Fix it. Here are our picks for the classic fathers. 

Classima Baume & Mercier Watch

The Classima collection by Baume & Mercier is all around ideal for the classic dad. This stainless steel watch is known for being comfortable with a slim design. For whatever project the classic dad has going on, this watch won't get in the way.  

Classic Chronograph Victorinox

The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Chronograph is another classic dad crowd pleaser. The chronograph feature makes it easy for dad to keep track of all schedules. The stainless steel watch is on the top of any father's wish list.  

Two-toned DateJust Rolex

The DateJust Rolex is an iconic and timeless watch that was made for the classic dad. The two-tone feature makes it easy to wear everyday. This watch is an awesome gift for dad.

Business Dad The business dad is a modern gentlemen who might spend a lot of time in the office. He has a busy schedule and might travel for work. He is tech savvy and knows that moments are precious. These gifts help the business dad to appreciate his precious time with his family.

Submariner Rolex Blue Face  

The Two-Toned Blue Face Submariner from Rolex is perfect for a sharp dressed business dad. The blue face makes this watch easy to read but still keeps a professional look. 

Brown Alligator Baume & Mercier

The Brown Alligator Baume & Mercier watch is a elegant timepiece that is suitable for any working dad. This watch is ideal for the business dad that is obsessed with perfecting his craft. The automatic movement is shown on the front and back displaying precision. 

Armourlite automatic watch

For the business dad that might not be sitting behind a desk, this watch is a perfect fit for him. The leather strap and all black finish was created to handle anything that was thrown its way.