5 Times You Shouldn't Wear Your Wedding Set!

One of the most special times in your life is when you get engaged and married! So much time and effort is put into picking out the perfect ring for your spouse. And lets face it, those precious rings are sentimental and valuable. Insurance can cover your ring, but no one wants to jump through those hoops! Whether you are trying to keep your ring from being damaged or from being lost, here are our top 5 places your should take those rings off and store them for safe keeping! 

Wedding rings

  1. The Beach- The beach has two dangers to your ring. First is the sand. If you lose your ring in the sand, that ring could be gone forever, because no one packs a metal detector in their suitcase for a vacation. Not to mention the sand grains can get into the tiny crevices of your ring! The second, more apparent one, is the water. When you get into the ocean, your fingers shrink which can cause that puppy to slide right off without you even knowing. Also you won't want to get sunscreen on your ring because it will cloud your sparkly diamond right up. 

  2. Skiing/Snow Boarding- The mountains are absolutely beautiful this time of year and everyone is heading there to catch some snow time. The biggest threat here is when you wipe out, that you lose your ring. Again the cold shrinks your finger making your ring able to come right off without your knowledge. It's best to keep your ring nice and warm in a safe place while you shred some powder! 

  3. Cleaning/Labor intensive work- The obvious thing here is the harsh chemicals you use to clean with. Those chemicals can erode the finish or polish of your ring. Any housework that involves labor intensive use of your hands can actual end up damaging the band of your ring and could hurt your stone. Also for those who work with heavy machinery, you could actually lose your whole finger, if your ring gets caught! And for our ranchers, cattle branding is a big no with your rings. 

  4. Physical Activity- Wearing your ring while running won't do any harm to it, but lift weights could take a toll. The pressure of the bar or anything that your grip and lift, can cause your ring to bend. Compromising the shape of the band could cause your diamonds (especially pave bands) to come popping out. Sports such as golf, baseball, volleyball, and any sport with the use of your hand, take that ring off! It could cause injury to yourself or others. Additionally you could lose your rock or smaller side diamonds. 

  5. Pools/Hot Tubs- Chlorine is another harsh chemical that you do not want your ring to come in contact with. Sure if you lose your ring in the pool, you can find it unlike the ocean, but chlorine over time can tarnish the metals and eventually weaken your ring. So the next time you go soak in the hot tub, think about taking off your beloved ring.
When you do take off your ring, don't just leave your ring any where. Make sure you keep it in a safe place such as a jewelry box, jewelry pouch, or a safe. We also recommend coming in to Duncan & Boyd Jewelers 4 times a year for a professional cleaning and stone check, which is free for our customers!