Engagement story- Megan & Jason

The greatest adventure of all, is love. At Duncan & Boyd Jewelers, we are so grateful to be a part of a couples' journey of saying "I do." We are thrilled to have met such a sweet couple, Jason & Megan. Megan grew up in the Texas' panhandle in Dalhart, Texas. She attended Dalhart high school and graduated in 2012. Megan is currently studying to be a respiratory therapist. Jason grew up in Hoisington, Kansas where he graduated from Lyons High School in 2006. In 2010, Jason moved to Texas and became a welder. 

Megan & Jason Engagement

For Megan & Jason, their love story began May 2016, as they witneessed their friends mark the beginning of their own forever. Megan was a bridesmaid, and Jason was a groomsman. Love was definitely in the air that night. Immediately, both Jason & Megan, knew there was something special about one another. Jason mustered up the courage & asked Megan to go on a first date. He took her to Aspen Grill, followed by none other than the Disney movie, Alice & Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. Not only was their first date a Disney movie, but  their second date was as well. You could say Jason is Megan's prince charming. 

Jason & Megan Weaver Engagement

As Megan pursued her education, Jason moved to Nebraska to pursue his career. As their love for one another continued to grow, Megan would often travel to Nebraska to visit Jason. During the weekend of September 1st, Megan made a routine trip to Nebraska to spend some quality time with Jason. Unbeknowst to Megan, he had a very special plan for the two of them that weekend. Together, they drove to Omaha & rented a lavish hotel room. As each mile passed, the special moment he had been waiting for, was getting closer. After checking in, Megan headed to their room, as Jason followed right behind, carrying their luggage. As soon as she opened the door to their hotel room, she saw a sight that she will never forget. Sitting on the table were two wine glasses, & the floor was layered with thousands of rose petals. Megan immediately turned around to find Jason on one knee, to which he asked her to begin their forever. Of course, she said YES! 

Megan & Jason Weaver Engagement Photo

Megan said that in her heart of hearts, from the first time she met Jason, she knew that he was the one for her. She knew he was definitley someone special when they went on a date to a Disney movie. As time passed, and they began to get to know one another, Megan couldn't help but fall for Jason. Her favorite thing about Jason is his tremendous heart. Megan said "He is the most caring person I've ever met. He would give his last dollar to someone in need." From the beginning, Jason knew Megan was the girl of his dreams. Her beautiful personality meshes with his personality perfectly, & he couldn't picture himself with anyone else. 

Verragio halo engagement ring

Megan & Jason went to look at engagement rings together, & she instantly fell in love with the Verragio line. After shopping, Megan told Jason just to get her something classic & timeless. When the time was right, Jason picked out a gorgeous halo diamond Verragio ring & a simple band, the perfect ring for Megan. Megan adores the vintage scrolling details on her new ring. The ring is a symbol of their love; classic, timeless, & everlasting.

Verragio Engagement Ring

All of us here at Duncan & Boyd Jewelers wish Megan & Jason many years of love, adventure, & happiness! Here's to a lifetime of kisses, memories, & endless amounts of 'I Love You's"