Behind the Brand

At Duncan & Boyd Jewelers, we are able to help create special moments, and recreate treasured memories. For Johnie Zurick, we helped create a beautiful turquoise ring to match her beloved father's ring. This is not just any ring, this ring includes their family's ranch brand, which has been in their family since 1906.

Entrance to Ranch

Brand Ring

The Zurick ranch is 28,000 acres in New Mexico and was bought by Johnie Zurick's grandparents, JH & Rosalee Zurick, in 1906 from a Louis Garcia. Louis Garcia was actually a sheep herder. The original rock house and barn still stand today! The fences around the original house on the ranch are made of petrified wood, that was brought in on mules.

Original Ranch House

Ranch House

John W. Zurick

JH & Rosalee had 4 daughters and 1 son, John W. Zurick. John was born December 14th, 1902 in Kenton, Oklahoma. John Zurick married Lily and moved to Rosebud, New Mexico at a young age. After his father died in 1939, John & Lily moved to the ranch in Stead, New Mexico because it was passed on to John.
John W. Zurick

John W. Zurick

John W. Zurick continued the family tradition of running the family ranch. He then raised his own family on the ranch, which included Johnie Zurick, one of his daughters. John received his brand ring from his sister, Jess who lived in Tucumcari, who had it made for him. 

John w. Zurick

Johnie Zurick

For Johnie Zurick, this ranch ring represents her childhood memories. Every time she looks at the ring, it symbolizes all the lessons and love that she received from John & Lily Zurick. She loved growing up on the ranch with her family and the traditions of keeping the ranch in the family for generations to come. The Zurick Ranch is a heritage ranch which means that it has been in one family for over 100 years in New Mexico. It is listed in the Los Cruces museum of ranching & farming. John Zurich's original brand ring was passed from Kyle Wilie, who was a great grandson of John, to Eddie Labrier, oldest son of Johnie Zurick. Johnie Zurick wanted to recreate one for herself so that she can keep the sweet memories of her father. 

Johnie's turquoise ring is not only sentimental but is stunning. The brand is set with diamonds which brings this ring to life. December's birthstone is turquoise and has been used in jewelry for over 3000 years. Turquoise was a ceremonial gem and a medium of exchange for Native American tribes in the southwestern US. Turquoise has said to be considered a stone that guarantees health, good fortune, and protection from evil. 

We hope that this turquoise ring brings Johnie Zurick and the Zurick family good fortune, health, and protection from evil. We know that family is important and we are glad to have been able to create such a special memory for the Zuricks.