A daughter's first love.

The bond of a father and daughter cannot easily be put into words.

As soon has he holds his baby girl wrapped up in the iconic baby blanket, a special bond is formed. Instantly he feels the instinct to protect, love, and guide his baby girl. From her first steps, to walking her down the aisle, a father's love is continuous, unwavering, and strong. Channing Castleberry (now Stewart) and her father Ed Castleberry have this unbreakable bond. For those who have had the pleasure of being around them, the respect and admiration they have for each other is palpable. We, at Duncan & Boyd Jeweler, had the pleasure of creating a special memory for this daddy-daughter duo on a monumental day.

Channing and her dad Ed

Channing and her husband, Josiah, met their sophomore year of college at Lubbock Christian University. Channing and Josiah continued to run into each other, until finally they began dating. When Josiah met Channing's father Ed, she wasn't at all worried. Channing had never been serious about someone she had dated before, so it was important for Ed to know how serious she was about Josiah. Channing knew that Josiah would instantly win over her dad, and now Ed says he couldn't have hand picked a better man for his daughter. Ed's favorite quality of Josiah is that he is genuinely a nice loving man. Ed is confident that Josiah will protect Channing and love her like he does. One Sunday, Josiah made a special trip to go see Ed and ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. They had plans to go to lunch that day, however Ed wasn't feeling 100%, so Josiah picked up hamburgers instead. Ed was so grateful for Josiah's kind heart. Ed knows that Josiah, like Channing, loves the Lord and others and Ed knows they will make a perfect team. 

Ed Castleberry & Channing giving diamond earrings

When describing Channing in one word Ed chose love. Ed said "she is what love looks like, and feels like. To me she is what God intended when he put that feeling in our hearts." The word love also describes Ed's favorite quality of Channing, her love of the Lord and unconditional love for others. Channing never meets a stranger. Before long they become life-long friends. He is proud of her accomplishments, her passion for helping others, and her ability to be a star volleyball player at LCU. Ed said that the best thing about being Channing's dad is that he never has to worry about her decisions. She inherently makes wise choices, doesn't stray from the righteous path, and has a strong dedication to ensuring phenomenal grades in school. 

Channing and Ed Castleberry

Passionate is the word Channing uses to describe her dad. Channing knows that when Ed has his mind set on something, he is going to do it to the best of his abilities. His attention to detail and strive for excellence has been a trait of Channing's father that she has always admired. Ed loves deeply and fearlessly, expecting nothing in return. Just one of the many qualities Channing loves about her dad! "He always compliments my academics, my eyeliner, my clothes, or my hair making me feel so loved. He has an eye for the most underrated characteristics of people and reminds them of their worth." Channing said the best thing about being Ed's daughter is knowing she will always have his unwavering love and support in everything she does. She is eager to  chase all of her dreams because she knows Ed is her number one cheerleader. Ed taught Channing about love through his constant display of empathy, allowing Channing to be open and honest with him every step of the way. Besides Channing's first dance with her dad, her favorite memory would be him teaching her how to ride her bike. She remembers taking of the training wheels and Ed pushing her down the sidewalk, supporting her and making sure she didn't fall. 

One of Ed's treasured memories of Channing growing up was her love of a stuffed animal named "Chickie" that he had given to her when she was in the hospital. To this day, Chickie is still one of Channing's most prized possession, and Ed knew when he was picking out a gift for his daughter's wedding day that he had tough competition with Chickie (surprising to Ed, Chickie missed out on the honeymoon). He wanted a gift that represented his baby girl. One which would outlast his daughter's precious stuffed animal. Diamonds were the perfect gift. He knew they lasted forever and that they would enhance her natural beauty. He chose diamond ear studs for their understated elegance. The type of beauty that Channing radiates. "Channing doesn't wear a lot of makeup or eye junk, because she doesn't need it." Simple, elegant, and breathtaking. 

Channing opening diamond studs

Diamond studs Channing

Channing putting on diamond studs

Channing putting on earrings

Channing was over the moon about receiving her diamond ear studs. She felt so loved and beautiful when she first put them on. Channing was so thankful for her father's gift, because it is a moment she will be able to cherish forever. 

Josiah & Channing Stewart

On Channing and Josiah's new journey together, Ed's advise is:

  1. To treat each other with kindness and care
  2. Never close off the lines of communication
  3. Always be honest with one another
  4. It's always better to back away and give each other time than to say hurtful words
  5. Treat each other the way you want to be treated 

Father Daughter first look wedding

Father Daughter Dance

One of the greatest happiness in life, is to love and be loved. Ed and Channing's father/daughter relationship is full of life and God's love. Much like the diamond ear studs Channing receive, their love is pure and enduring. We are so thankful to have been able to help capture and share in such a special moment. 


Photos taken by Kayla Smith Photograph

Video shot by Ryan Enriquez