Brand Spotlight: Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor Fine Jewelry

Jane Taylor Jewelry is founded upon the mottos, family, and totally everyday.  Jane Taylor, the designer and owner, maintains a busy lifestyle of gardening, traveling, cooking and running her own business. Jane designs pieces that embodies the everyday lifestyle of busy women. From the early age of elementary school, Jane started collecting and designing jewelry. She inherited the love of jewelry from her grandmother and the antiquities from her father. Launching her first design, JT classics, in 1995, Jane Taylor Jewelry was born.  

Rose Gold Cuff Bracelet

Joining Jane Taylor Jewelry is her daughter, Cleo Zancope. Cleo was raised in New York City, and became inspired watching her mother dig deep into the world of fine jewelry. She remembers helping her mother in the diamond district of New York find gemstones, collect castings and purchasing their treasured findings. 


Family is truly at the center of this brand. They create beautifully inspired pieces that are meant to connect to not just one moment, but everyday. Both Jane and Cleo want their jewelry to be known for good times and bringing people joy. 

Cleo And Jane

What we love about this brand:

Jane Taylor Jewelry really embraces a fun play of color. Their choices of gemstones are stunning and brings the jewelry to life. They have fun designs that can be worn everyday. They love to push the boundaries and combine fashion pieces with classic ones. We love that they take into consideration who they are designing jewelry for. They embrace that each piece of jewelry has some significants. Whether it is the moment you receive the piece, how you inherited it, or why you bought the jewelry for yourself, each moment captures the essences of love.  


 Jane Taylor Tassel Earrings

Jane Taylor Arrow Necklace