• Brand Spotlight: Alisa

August 27, 2016

Alisa Bracelets

We have been keeping this a secret, but we can finally announce that we are carrying an new brand in our store called Alisa!

Alisa makes their jewelry in Tuscany, Italy. Italy is known for making not just quality items but also creative craftsmanship. Everything about Italian made products stands true for this brand. They take pride in everything that they design and make. Lisa and her husband, Frank, are the founders of this beautiful brand and have upheld the highest level of standards for their products. 

Alisa jewelry creates and crafts luxurious pieces that are affordable, practical, and versatile for casual or professional attire. They have a signature design known as the basket weave or Traversa®, where the strands of gold or silver crossover each other. Lisa, the owner, created the idea of this design from watching her mother knit and embroider projects as a child. She loved the intricate design and how every piece had a place. 

Why we love this brand.

We love the design first and foremost. The basket weave design is unique but also creates a lightweight bracelet making it comfortable to wear all day. We love the craftsmanship that this brand stands by. Crafted with precious metals, 18k gold and sterling silver, they are able to produce durable pieces that will last for years. As a jeweler, we want you to have long lasting pieces of jewelry that is worth every penny you spend on it. We also think that you are going to love the price! 

Look at more pieces from Alisa by clicking here. 

Sizing Chart

Bangle Sizes

Bangles are available in S-L.  

Small: 62mm- 2 ½” diameter 
7.66” circumference

Medium: 65mm- 2 ¾” diameter 
8” circumference

Large: 68mm- 3” diameter 
8.4” circumference 

Huggie bracelets are available in 2 sizes, small and medium. 

SM: 50x45mm- 2” diameter
6.3” circumference

MED: 57x50mm- 2 ½” diameter
7.85” circumference

Necklace Size Chart

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